broken-heart-so-confused-timeIt was hard for me to fix my ownself and you of course. It was tough for me with the days that I’ve been through without you by my side. Maybe, the words that you said to me was right. I shouldn’t built you as my world, but unfortunately I wasn’t informed that it would end up like this. That’s why when everything fell apart between the two of us, all the things that I built turns into ashes and being thrown away in the wind. Everything were broken, especially my heart and my soul.

But, all the things that I’ve been through with you gave me so much to learn of. Thank you for letting me know what pain is, for what would I feel when the one that I love broke me. Thank you for making me strong enough to handle the pain I felt inside. Thank you for making me realize that everything in life is temporary. Thank you for making me a part of your life and made me so special. Thank you for the memories that we’ve shared together, all the nonsense jokes, sweet conversations and all. Thank you for the smile, kilig, sadness and all the beautiful things we’ve shared. Thank you for the understanding and patience. Thank you most especially with the love that you gave to me when no one else can do. Thank you for everything.

When the time comes that you’ll fall inlove again with someone else, please bear in mind that you should love her with all your heart. Because, it is rare to find someone that could love you unconditionally.