It’s funny we’re always wishing for something more. Something “better”. But what of there is no “better”? What if this is all there is?

We all know there can be no light without the darkness. And each one of our souls burn brighter than all the galaxies through the dark infinity of time.

Every word that comes out of our mouths won’t be beautiful and poignant, infinitely quotable. Pain will he hideous.

I’ve always been a little cold-blooded, sometimes it requires me to go out in the sun to warm me up. I get quite nostalgic on sentimental days. There must be a reason why I’m overly sensitive, but I’m too delicate to search for it. I’m an expert at fitting entire futures into just a few days. If I fall apart, it’s subtle, not loud. It’s bags under the eyes and meals skipped, it’s ignoring calls and not singing…

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